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Thanks to our sponsors, the Augusta Boston Club gives out scholarships to college bound students every year. Students who are interested may download the scholarship application below and mail it in to P.O. Box 798, Medford, MA 02155.

Scholarship Application

To be eligible to apply for a scholarship from the Augusta Boston Club, students must:
-Be a child or grandchild of a member in good standing
-Be a high school senior who has been accepted and will be attending a college or university in the Fall

Past Recipients

YearScholarship(s)High Achievement AwardMan of the Year Award
2015Jessica SpinaliVinny SpinaliAlexander Leccese
2013Alexander Leccese, Sarah Boland, Olivia Mirabella
2012Sabrina MirabellaSal Bramante
2011Lauren O'Donnell, Francesca RichardsonAndrea Costa
2010Lindsey GallagherVincenzo AmaraVictor Gabriello
2009Philip PriviteraJoseph Morello
2008Lori Pustizzi, Alyssa O'DonnellSanto RumaAndrea Costa
2007Loni GallagherDomenico RussoGiuseppe Lanzerotta
2006Luca Cavallo, Philip AmaraAntonio and Sebastiano ArescoFrancesco Silvestro
2005Giuseppe SpinaliSalvatore Pustizzi
2004Daniela Magno, Domenico RussoGiovanni RussoGiovanni Noe'
2003Francis Privitera